June 11, 2017

1528 Vernon Castle Ave, Benbrook

1528 Vernon Castle Ave
Benbrook, TX.  76126


Located just off of Winscott Road, about a mile from I-20 in the Trinity Gardens neighborhood, this 3 bedroom beauty is clean as a whistle and ready for immediate move in.


Walking through this open concept floor plan, the living, entry, formal dining and hallway feature newer laminate flooring--the good stuff that looks like wood and looks great!  The bedrooms are carpeted, and the kitchen, laundry room and breakfast area are 16-in ceramic tile.  


As you walk through the front door you see the formal dining area.  Bring your farm table, because this ample sized room has plenty of room for it.  The big windows in the front provide plenty of natural light.


Into the living room you'll like the wood-burning fireplace with stacked stone front along with recessed lighting and a huge ceiling fan!  Super cozy and open to both the formal dining, kitchen and breakfast area.  Lots of windows provide a great view of the back yard.


The kitchen is awesome--breakfast bar with pendant lights above, a huge island with storage underneath, very nice solid wood cabinets, a tile back splash, reach-in pantry, and more recessed lighting!  The laundry area features extra storage space for small appliances, extra pantry items or cleaning supplies and equipment.


Big master bedroom!  Big enough for a king-sized bed and matching king sized furniture.  The master bath has a dual-sink vanity, large walk-in closet and a must see walk-in shower that's all tile and has multiple shower heads!  


The extra bedrooms both have walk-in closets and feature TV mounts on the walls.  Also, there is another linen closet in the hallway.  


The back yard features a covered patio along with a pergola with a flagstone surface perfect for a picnic table or fire pit.  Really pretty St. Augustine grass in both yards and a mature red oak tree in the back to provide some shade.  There's also a storage shed in back.  


Want to see it?  Click the button below to schedule a private showing or call us at 817-781-0546 for an appointment or to ask more questions.  Text is OK too!





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April 15, 2016

Surviving a Multiple Offer Situation



If you've been home shopping for very long, you have probably already experienced this, but if not, you need to be ready.  

In an extreme Seller's market like the one we are currently experiencing, nearly every property at every price point is receiving multiple offers.  

In my opinion, with all things being equal, every one of these ideas could be the difference between getting your offer accepted or not.


9 ways to get your offer accepted in a multiple offer situation:


1.  If it hits the market today, go tour the property today.  

You will have to be watching your favorite Real Estate website for new properties.  Use a site like mine that update multiple times per day.  

Others only update once per day, so in essence you could be looking at something that's already been on the market for a day.  

It's not unusual for 5 or more offers to come in the first day or two and the Seller might pick from one of those and not wait for others, especially if the house has already had multiple showings.

Use all the tools at your disposal to eliminate properties and to save time before setting an appointment to tour them. Tools like Google Earth could help you discover railroad tracks, busy roads behind or beside the property, etc.  There is no use in looking at the inside if something visible from the outside is a deal killer for you.


2.  Before presenting your offer, your agent should call the listing agent and see what the seller's hot buttons are.

Do they want the highest possible price? A longer or shorter close date? Permit the sellers to remain in the property for a period of time after closing?  

These are ways to make your offer more appealing to a potential buyer.  I once saw a seller accept an offer from a buyer because the buyer was willing to close on the property and allow the sellers to remain in the property and pay rent.  The sellers stayed for 4 months, and didn't incur double moving fees!  This buyer didn’t offer the best price, but offered the best terms because of a simple conversation with the listing agent.


3.  You and your agent need to know how the Seller will be handling multiple offers.

 Things you will need to know:

What day and time the will the be seller reviewing offers?, 

Will you have a chance to improve your initial offer, or will everyone get one shot?  

Some sellers are afraid of alienating buyers who might not want to get in a bidding war, so  they take the first or second offer that comes along. Risk tolerance plays a big part in their decision making. 


4.  You should write a letter to the Seller.

Because of buyer agency, buyers and sellers rarely meet, so it's important for the sellers to get to know you a little bit.  In your letter, tell them your story:

  • Are you a first home buyer?  
  • Transferred from somewhere else?  
  • Recently remarried?  
  • Starting a family?  

Tell them why you chose their home and brag on it!  Lastly, add a picture of you with your family (if applicable) to enhance the human connection. 


5.  The Lender you choose is important.

I've seen instances where there were a couple of really good, almost identical offers.  The seller chose one over the other because the Listing agent had prior transactions with the lender the buyer chose.  Is your lender someone that the Real Estate community knows has a reputation for closing on time, communicating with the parties to the transaction, returning phones calls and emails, etc?

It's important that your lender is available on weekends; sometimes you may need to upgrade your pre-approval letter on a Saturday or Sunday, and it's important for your loan officer to be able to do that for you.  

Some listing agents don't like "big-box" banks, out-of-state, or "internet" lenders and will communicate that distrust to their clients.  

Like it is in every case, a few bad apples have spoiled the barrel, so these type lenders have developed a bad reputation, whether deserved or not.  

It helps if your buyer's agent knows your lender even if the listing agent does not, so at least you have someone who can speak for your lender's abilities.

It also helps if you can have your lender call the listing agent and "talk you up".  

  • Enforcing that you went the extra mile and got a pre approval instead of just a pre-qualificaion, 
  • Letting the other agent know that it looks like an easy transaction. 

Just generally establishing rapport with the listing agent could swing things in your favor.  


6.  Get a pre-approval instead of just a pre-qualification.  

Because you have followed my advice and chosen your lender prior to house shopping, it just makes sense to go ahead and obtain a pre-approval instead of just a pre-qualification.  

What's the difference?

A pre-qualification simply means that the loan officer has pulled and reviewed your credit and verified your income and assets based on what you told them.

A pre-approval means that the loan officer has pulled and reviewed your credit report and they have seen documentation related to your income and assets--bank statements, pay stubs, W-2s, etc.

It doesn't take much longer to get the pre-approval, and you are providing documentation that will eventually be needed to submit your formal loan application anyway.  

It's better to verify something or solve a problem now before signing a contract and submitting Earnest and Option money.  

Moreover, if your offer and a competing offer are identical or even being comparable  to one another, your pre-approval could be the element that makes your offer more competitive than the other.

Don't even tour a property without pre-approval!

Murphy's law will kick in; you'll find your dream home and be prepared to submit an offer, but the seller won't consider your offer without a letter from a lender.  

You spend a day or so getting your loan in place and miss out on the property.  

Even if you know financing will not be a problem, the seller and the seller's agent will not know, and will choose an offer from a buyer who has already obtained their approval.


7.  Consider paying some of the closing costs traditionally paid by the seller.

Although there is no written rule, there are certain fees related to a real estate transaction that are traditionally expected to be paid by the seller.  

Items like the title policy, survey, and home warranty can range from hundreds up to a few thousand dollars depending on the sales price.  This could be the difference between the seller choosing your offer or another.  

If your are willing, or your strategy is to pay over list price to get your offer accepted, be prepared to show the seller and the listing agent that you have the capacity to and are willing to make up any shortage between sales price and appraised value.  

Writing it into the offer will make it even stronger.  

Of course you could set a limit on how much of the shortage that you are willing to pay.  

I've seen offers come in that were well over the asking price of the property.  Their strategy is to woo the seller with their incredible offer in hopes that the appraisal comes in for much less and the seller has to reduce the price to match the appraisal.  

It's a bad strategy, and a smart listing agent will not let their client fall into this trap.  

However someone with the willingness and capacity to pay over list price will outshine all other offers.


8.  Don't have the "I won't pay over list price" mindset.

In Real Estate, the listed price of the property is nothing more than what the Seller is willing to sell the property for.  Most of the time the sales price is based on market value, as determined by data provided by the listing agent.  

The seller makes up their own mind from there.  There are a couple of strategies at play when pricing a property:

The more traditional "wheeler dealer" strategy:

This is the one everyone on the planet is expecting.  Sellers price the property higher than what they are willing to take for it so that they will have room to negotiate,  causing some buyers to believe that paying over what the seller is asking is a bad strategy.

 The "auction" strategy:

This strategy is becoming more common in today's Real Estate market.  

In this scenario, the seller prices the property at a number that they will accept and in some cases, even a bit lower hoping to get several offers in a short period of time.  Because buyers recognize an excellent priced property, they feel that paying asking price isn't enough and submit a higher offer.  

Just like at an auction where there are multiple bidders on an item the price goes up, not down.  If you have the "not over list price" mindset you will be more inclined to offer at or below list price and you will miss the property.  

 Buyers ask me all the time, "what should I offer?"  

My advice is always to give it your best shot, and use the strategies I have outlined above.  If it's not worth a an extra few thousand bucks then perhaps it's not the right property for you.

 9.  Hire an experienced Realtor who knows how to navigate a multiple offer situation.

Every piece of advice in this article is based on personal experiences, so it's really important to choose an experienced Realtor to represent you.  I have been fortunate enough to work in both an extreme buyer's market and an extreme seller's market with virtually no balance in between.  

How much experience does your Realtor have?  Are they easy to get along with?  Do they get along with other agents, lenders and title people?  

Will they do some research before meeting with you to view a property or simply show up and open the door for you?  

Things like contacting the listing agent before booking a showing to check the status and offer activity will save you tons of time. 

Will they make sure that the seller will accept the type of loan approval you have?  There is no sense looking at a property if you have a VA loan approval and the seller isn't willing to accept a VA buyer or the property won't adhere to VA guidelines.  


There's no guaranteed way to have the winning offer, but using these strategies will improve your chances of being the winner tremendously.  

Best of all, most of them can be done before you even start looking at properties!  

Take some time to really think about what your Real Estate goals are.  Write down and go over them with your Realtor during your initial buyer's consultation.  A little effort will go a long way toward getting your dream home!


If you haven't yet hired your buyer's agent, I would like to formally apply for the job.  Use the contact form below to give me some basic contact info.  We can set up a time to chat about your Real Estate goals.  


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April 7, 2016

Why So Many New Homes are Sold With a Realtor's Help?

Why are so many new homes in Burleson sold with the help of a Realtor?

With our current lack of inventory, many of my sales each year are now new construction.  Many people do not know that they can still employ the services of a Realtor even if they are purchasing a new home.  Although the community manager at the model is always friendly and helpful, the fact is that they represent the builder and the builder's interest, not the interest of the buyer.  This is where hiring a Realtor can prove to be helpful to you, and at no cost to you.  

Take a look at the video above to learn about the benefits of using a Realtor to represent you in the purchase of new construction.

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Dec. 12, 2015

Filing for Your Homestead Exemption is a Great Way to Save on Your Property Tax

Make Sure You Have Applied for Your Homestead and Other Exemptions for Your Primary Residence

One of the easiest ways a homeowner can lower their property tax bill is by filing for a homestead exemption.  Texas law allows for the house and land that is used as the owner's primary residence to get a discount on the property tax.  

How it Works

The homestead exemption actually reduces the appraised value of your property which lowers your property taxes as a result.  You must own the property on January 1 to qualify for the extension for that year, and you only have to apply once.  The exemptions are available to anyone who owns their home and it is their principal residence, but you have to apply to get the discount.  NOTE:  If you are a new homeowner you might get something in the mail from someone willing to file your exemption for you for a fee--usually $75 or so.  Filing this exemption is as easy as downloading a form, filling it out and sending any other required documentation that the appraisal district might require.  Everything can be done by mail or in person.  To apply for the exemption click on the link below for the appropriate appraisal district.

Homestead Exemptions May Include:

  • School Taxes
  • County Taxes
  • Age and/or Disability: Over 65 or disabled.
  • A local option exemption from other taxing entities like cities or others.
  • Partially disabled veterans.
  • 100% disabled veterans.
  • Surviving spouses of members of the US Armed Services killed in action.

Exemptions vary from county to county so be sure to check with the appraisal district your property is located in.  Here are the links to the various appraisal districts:

Dallas County

Ellis County             Download Ellis County Homestead Exemption Application

Hood County 

Johnson County        Download Johnson County Homestead Exemption Application 

Parker County

Tarrant County         Download Tarrant County Homestead Exemption Application

Wise County



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Dec. 3, 2015

Mansfield Home Values Update


 Bookmark this page!  The data in the charts below is dynamic, and will change from month-to-month.  You can use these charts for future reference.

We've all heard how great the Real Estate Market has become but nobody is really talking about the numbers.  I recently did this report for a networking group presentation and decided to share it with the public.  The results are pretty astounding, considering where homeowners were just a few short years ago.  

I compared the numbers from September, 2012 to September, 2015.  I chose to use 2012 because by then the Mansfield real estate market was already well underway to a recovery, and wanted to get a more accurate idea of where the market was.  I chose the month of September because it's really the last part of the hottest part of the year activity-wise.  Here is what I discovered:


Median Sales Price:

Median sales price is a good indicator of the movement of home values and a good cross section of the market.  The median sales price at the end of September, 2012 was $192,450.00 and moved to $250,000.00 in September, 2015!  That's a 23% increase.  That's an incredible comeback from where the numbers were during the recent recession just a few years ago.  Many homeowners who couldn't sell just a few years ago because of their equity position are now able to sell, and many have.  Moreover, owning a home really is a good investment once again. 




Number of Homes For Sale

This metric gives you a good idea of the amount of inventory that is available.  The chart shows that the number of homes for sale in September '12 was 320 and was at 213 in September '15, representing a 33% decrease in the number of homes for buyers to choose from.  Less supply creates higher demand.  With a third less inventory, buyers have to compete with other buyers to get their offers accepted, and in nearly every case sellers get to choose from multiple offers.  Our job as listing agents used to be to find a buyer for your home.  Now our priority is finding and helping you to choose the best buyer for your home.   



Average Days on Market

Average days on market is the number of days from when the home is placed into the Multiple Listing Service until the day it's status is changed from active to pending.  Keep in mind that in almost all cases there is an option period of 7 to 10 days where the property is still technically available, but marketing activity goes down substantially because other agents know that a contract exists on the property.  For this reason, the days on market are actually shorter than what the data shows.

Average days on market at the end of September, 2012 was at 59 days, compared to September, 2012 where it was at 36 days.  This is across the entire market, from $0.00 to one-plus million dollars.  In many price ranges it's more like a couple of days or even a few hours!  Shorter time on market means more showings in a shorter period of time, creating less of a hassle for sellers.  In many instances, we will place a home on the market on Thursday, send the Seller and their family on a weekend trip, show the home all weekend and choose from multiple offers on Monday!  In and out in 3 days.


Want to Know How This Fantastic Market is Affecting Your Home's Value?

These numbers are compiled across an entire zip code, 76063.  The numbers are different based on your price point, location and the condition of your property.  If you would like to get a more accurate picture of your equity position, there are a couple of ways to to that:

  1. Call or email me for a detailed analysis of your home's value.  Call or text 817-781-0546 or email me by clicking here.  In many cases a short phone call is all I will need to get the information necessary to give you a comparative market analysis of your property.  In some cases a visit to the property is necessary.
  2. Go to my special Seller's website at www.jeffgetsitsold.com and enter your name, address and email address.  An automated report is generated and sent to you via email in a couple of minutes.  
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Oct. 28, 2015

Burleson Real Estate Market Statistics

Burleson Property Values


Here are some market statistics by the more active subdivisions in Burleson.  These are all neighborhoods in Burleson with a really active builder presence.  Even in the slowest 6 months of the year sales have been good for both new construction and pre-owned (resale) homes in all neighborhoods.  *Please note that these stats come from the Multiple Listing Service, and not all homes that are sold by builders are reported.  


Shannon Creek  
  All Properties Resale Only
Actives 5 1
Pendings 12 5
Sold 30 8
Month's Supply of Inventory 1 Month 1 Month
Average Days on Market 46 11
Sold Price/List Price Ratio % 99% 98%
Building Permits (last 6 mo.) 19  


  Click here to view homes for sale in Shannon Creek


Plantation/Oak Valley  
  All Properties Resale Only
Actives 14 8
Pendings 7 4
Sold 40 20
Month's Supply of Inventory 2 Months 2 Months
Average Days on Market 46 11
Sold Price/List Price Ratio % 99% 98%
Building Permits (last 6 mo.) 39  


Click here to view homes for sale in Plantation

Click here to view homes for sale in Oak Valley


Willow Creek Crossing  
  All Properties Resale Only
Actives 6 2
Pendings 1 0
Sold 1 0
Month's Supply of Inventory 6 Months 3 Months
Average Days on Market N/A* N/A*
Sold Price/List Price Ratio % N/A* N/A*
Building Permits (last 6 mo.) 13  


Mistletoe Hill  
  All Properties Resale Only
Actives 13 3
Pendings 15 10
Sold 28 20
Month's Supply of Inventory 3 Months 1 Month
Average Days on Market 92 55
Sold Price/List Price Ratio % 98% 99%
Building Permits (last 6 mo.) 38  

 Click here to see homes for sale in Mistletoe Hill


Here are some squick stats about the local Burleson Real Estate Market:


  1. The median sales price is $172,000.00, up from $135,000.00 this same time in 2012.  A 21% increase in property values across the board.  
  2. In September, 2012 there were 404 homes on the market.  In September, 2015 there were 231.  That's a 43% decrease in the number of homes available for buyers to choose from.
  3. In September, 2012 it took on average 80 days to get a contract on a home that was listed for sale.  That number has decreased to 36 days as of the end of September this year, and that's an average of properties priced from zero to 1-plus million dollars.  In many price ranges, homes are only on the market for a couple of days!
  4. Properties are bringing full price and many times even more because there are multiple offers presented.  Our job used to be to find you a buyer, but in this market our job is to find you the BEST buyer.
  5. Foreclosures are a non-issue.  As of the writing of this post there are 3 bank-owned homes for sale in Burleson.  There have been 17 bank-owned properties sold within the last 6 months, representing 2% of the total homes sold.  Contrast that to 2012:  There were 75 bank-owned homes sold from April to September out of 394 total sales for that period, or 19% of homes sold.  
Would you like to know more about the LOCAL Real Estate Market and see recently-sold homes in your neighborhood?
  • Go to www.myburlesonhomevalue.com and enter your name, email address, and property address.  You will be sent local market statistics, including properties that have sold in your neighborhood.  It's free, only takes a few minutes to get the report and we will not spam you ever.
  • Give me a call and I will ask you a few questions about your property and prepare a comparative market analysis of your home's value.  It can be emailed to you or hand-delivered so that we can go over it in detail.  
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Aug. 12, 2015

200 Glenwood Drive Mansfield, Texas

200 Glenwood Drive Mansfield, TX.  76063

MLS Number 13215439

200 Glenwood Drive Mansfield TX

Located in the Southeast part of Mansfield, 200 Glenwood Drive ins on a corner lot and is located near US 360 and not far from Joe Pool Lake.  



At 3100 Square Feet of living space it's a 4 bedroom home with 3 full baths upstairs and and a half bath downstairs.  As you walk in the front door there is a a formal living area and formal dining area in the front of the home.  The Kitchen, Breakfast Nook and Family 

Room are all in the back of the house.  The downstairs features all hard surface flooring--newer laminate flooring in the Formal Living, Dining and Family Rooms with tile in the Kitchen and entryway.  In the Family Roon there's a wood-burning fireplace with gas log starter and tall ceilings.  The Kitchen is open and roomy and has a breakfast bar, 42-inch tall cabinets, built-in microwave and smooth-top range, plus a pantry and the laundry is a separate, closed off room to keep the noise down.  One of the first things you will notice when you tour the home is the amount of natural lighting!  It provides a really open and cheery feeling.

Going upstairs there is a large second living area.  The Master Suite is split from the other bedrooms.  It has tall ceilings and lots of windows, and the Master Bathroom has a Garden Tub, separate shower, a long vanity with dual sinks and big mirror, and the master closet is large with lots of shelving and storage.  Two of the bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bath plus there is one more full bathroom upstairs in addition to the Master Bath.  This would be a great configuration for a mother-in law suite or similar need.  The upstairs living area and all bedrooms are carpeted, and two of the extra bedrooms have walk-in closets.  

The home is located in a neighborhood with a Homeowner's Association--Villages at Spring Lake HOA, Inc.  Dues are $450 per year and include the use of a community pool.

Check out the property video here:




Schools are Elizabeth Smith Elementary, Mary Lillard Intermediate, Danny Jones Middle School and Mansfield Lake Ridge High School.

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March 16, 2015

641 Horn Street Crowley TX 76036

641 Horn Street Crowley, TX.  76036


641 Horn Street  Crowley TX 76036

641 Horn Street is a 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom home with a two car garage located in the Creekside Addition of Crowley, TX.  Creekside is home to Bess Race Elementary and is located just off of FM 1187 on the West Side of town.  The property is within minutes to shopping, a movie theater and Texas Health Hugely Hospital.  Easy access to I35W and the new Chisholm Trail Parkway.

Excellent curb appeal!  A large Live Oak tree in the front yard, plus some really nice landscaping.  Out back there are a couple of trees plus several Crepe Myrtle trees, which are beautiful in the summer and on through the fall.  There is a full sprinkler system and a cozy covered patio and nice sized back yard surrounded by a 6 foot wood privacy fence.

Entering through the front door you’ll notice the tiled entryway.  Around the corner are the two extra bedrooms.  Once features 10 foot ceilings and both have reach-in closets.  This is a split bedroom plan.  There is also a coat closet in the hallway and a linen closet just outside the hall bathroom door.  Walk down the hallway to the Kitchen, which features 18-in ceramic tile flooring, an island in the kitchen which houses the sink and dish washer.  Stand at the kitchen sink and see the Living and Dining rooms as well as the back yard. Kitchen features include black appliances with a smooth-top range and electric oven, ceramic tile backsplash, lots of cabinets and a reach-in pantry.  Just off the kitchen is a full size laundry room with shelving and a laundry rod to dry clothes.  The dining area has the same tile flooring as the kitchen.  The living area is good sized (13’ x 14’) and features 10 foot high ceilings and a brushed-nickel ceiling fan.  The carpeting throughout the home has just been cleaned and ready for its new owners!

641 Horn Street Crowley TX 76036 Kitchen
Just off the living room is the Master Suite which features a faux finish accent wall, more 10-foot ceilings and lots of space (16’ x 14’).  The master bath has ceramic tile flooring, a huge shower with sitting benches and a dual-sink vanity.  The walk in master closet is a good size at 5 foot x 8 foot.

This is an open concept floor plan—the kitchen, living area and dining area are all open to each other.  Window treatments are 2 inch faux wood blinds throughout.  There are ceiling fans in many of the rooms and even a digital thermostat.  HVAC is gas heat and a gas water heater. 

Kids that live at this property will attend Bess Race Elementary, HF Stevens Junior High and Crowley High School


Check out this video of the property


Feb. 9, 2015

If your Realtor Doesn't Have your Home Professionally Photographed It's Costing You Money!

I read somewhere that "good photos are the new curb appeal".  Because around 90% of Real Estate purchases now originate on the internet, it's super important that your Realtor use professional photography when marketing your home. Take a look at the difference between photos taken with a smart phone and professional equipment.  Click this link to see the contrast  http://www.anthonyfordphotography.com/#!Picture-This/c1e1p/54d5325b0cf2e845a007002c


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Jan. 17, 2015

712 Cumberland Drive Burleson TX 76028

712 Cumberland Drive Burleson Texas MLS 13079207

712 Cumberland Drive, Burleson TX.  76028

MLS #13079207  If you're looking for affordability, space and location this is it!  Located just minutes from schools, and next door to a city maintained playground!  Located near the intersection of Summercrest Drive and Alsbury Blvd, This HUD-owned home features a nice kitchen which overlooks the living area and has a good sized pantry, over-range microwave, electric range and a dish washer, plus a breakfast bar.  The master suite features a garden tub, separate shower, dual-lav vanity and a huge master closet for this size home.  The wood-burning fireplace is also a nice touch.  2 of the extra bedrooms have walk-in closets a nice touch.  Most of the flooring is carpeting, but there is tile flooring in the kitchen and master bathroom. 

Outside features of this home include a dimensional shingle roof, fenced back yard with lots of room, a sprinkler system and Carrier brand HVAC system.  This is a HUD owned home and needs some TLC, most notably flooring and paint, but there is some value here for the buyer who doesn't mind doing a little work.  If you are interested in learning more about HUD homes please contact us. 

Click here for more photos of the property and more details including pricing, square footage, etc.



712 Cumberland Drive
Burleson, TX.  76028
HUD Case # 492-918678

712 Cumberland Drive Burleson Texas











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