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In my opinion, median sales price is the best way to see which way home values are going in a particular market.  It's less important to look at the data month over month than it is year after year, because the amount of available inventory will cause the numbers to fluctuate more rapidly in shorter periods of time.

For example:  This chart shows that the median sales price in Bureson, TX in June, 2015 was $172,500.00 and in June, 2016 it had increased to $203,000.00 creating an overall increase in home value of 16%.  




 Average Days on Market is the difference between the actual listing date and the date the status changes from "active" to to "pending".  Please note that buyers usually negotiate an inspection and due diligence period called an "Option Period".  It is the first 7 to 10 days starting the day after the buyer and seller enter into a contract.  

Also note that this chart reflects an average across many price points.  It could be as little as a few days or as long as several months depending on price range.  A comparative market analysis of your particular property will give you a better indication.  




Also known as list price to sales price percentage, this metric shows the original list price divided into the sales price and expressed as a percentage.  This metric is a great indicator of how much over or under list price properties on the market are selling for.  Get the list price to sales price ratio for any property by clicking here.

For Example:

A property priced at $100,000.00 sells for $95,000.00, creating a 95% list price to sales price ratio.

A property priced at $100,000.00 sells for $106,000.00, creating a 106% list price to sales price ratio.  



Shows in days or months how long it would take to completely sell out of inventory if no more properties were put on the market.  Appraisers and Realtors consider a 6 month's supply of inventory to be a balanced market.  Less than 6 months is considered a Seller's market, and more than 6 months is considered a Buyer's market.  Lower inventory numbers cause prices to increase while higher inventory numbers causes prices to decrease because of consumer demand.  

As you can see in this cart the month's supply of inventory in the Burleson Real Estate Market has continued to decline steadily for the last three years.